Inga Parnell

Inga Parnell

Commercial Services Manager

Commercial Contract Services Department

In February 2004 Inga joined ServiceMaster Clean as an Area Supervisor for the Reading area. Inga’s responsibility was to supervise the cleaning staff on site, ensuring the smooth running of the cleaning contracts. In April that year Inga was promoted to Area Service Manager, with the added responsibilities of managing the cleaning staff as well as taking care of customer relations. In October 2008 Inga was promoted to Contracts Manager which she held until January 2013. The role was to manage and motivate the team of area service managers.

Previous career

Inga was a Police Officer From 1984 -1996 enforcing law and order with West Midlands Police Force. In 2000 Inga became a licensee, for a brewery based in the North of England where she managed a small public house in County Durham. Then in 2002 Inga moved to Reading to manage a larger pub. Inga joined Servicemaster in 2004 as an area supervisor for Reading.

Career to date with ServiceMaster Clean

In February 2013 Inga was appointed Commercial Services Manager for Commercial Contract Services Department. This role is to oversee and manage the Contract Services Department. Primarily managing the business relationship between the company and the customer, liaising frequently with the client to assure them of their importance in order to build the customers respect and trust in our business. It is for the Commercial Services Manager to ensure the service being provided by the department exceeds the customer’s expectations at all times.

Areas covered as a Commercial Services Manager:-

Main Objectives (personal thoughts)

To build a business relationship with our customers that exceeds their expectations and is important and meaningful to their business.