Tania Gostling

Tania Gostling

Communal Services Manager

Communal Contract Services Department

In August 2004 Tania started work for ServiceMaster Clean as an Operations Administrator. This was a new role within the company and its first communal cleaning contract with a housing association. Tania supported the Operations Manager in scheduling work for the full time cleaning operatives, liaising with the client and providing reports. In May 2007 Tania was promoted to Customer Account Manager, she was now responsible for managing four housing association accounts, working with our contract operations team in delivering services across the South West and South East Region.

Previous career

For 10 years Tania worked for Vodafone Limited, she started as an Accounts Assistant in May 1995 and worked within several different departments at Vodafone. In April 2001 Tania was promoted to an Accounts Payable Team Leader, she was responsible for all utility, maintenance and site build costs for the Vodafone Network.

Career to date with ServiceMaster Clean

Today Tania is the Communal Services Manager for Communal Contract Services. Tania’s primary role is to work closely with our customers in delivering a service that meets their needs. In order to achieve this, Tania manages and oversees our Communal Contract Services Department and work closely with our company departments.

Areas covered by the Communal Services Manager:

Main objectives in my job role (personal thoughts)

To ensure the client is happy and we are exceeding their expectations. To have a good honest working relationship with the client and ServiceMaster franchise network. To have a happy and highly motivated department who want to achieve high standards at all times within the schedules given.